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Online Registration

Welcome to Southend United Soccer Club Competitive Registration


  • This registration is for players offered a spot on a competitive team with Southend United Soccer Club.
  • Please ensure you have chosen the correct team for your child. If you make a mistake email the club to advise.
  • If you have multiple children with the club you will need to register each of them separately so they will be registered with the correct team. After you have completed registering one child it will ask if you want to register another player.
  • You will need to create an account with Sports Engine and login.  CREATE YOUR SPORTSENGINE PROFILE. FILL OUT YOUR CHILDS DATE OF BIRTH AND GENDER IN THIS PROFILE.


Returning Registrants

  • Please use the SAME EMAIL as last year to register! If you want to change your email address see the instructions below under profile issues.
  • PLEASE DO NOT create a brand new login each year or this will duplicate the player. Any questions email the club.
  • PLEASE write down your login information (EMAIL) & password associated with the Sports Engine website as it will be used each year moving forward.
  • Please ensure your players name, date of birth, and gender are all entered into Sports Engine so it matches with the registration. If your sports engine account and your registration do not match we cannot register your child.
  • A club official may contact you by email if there are issues with your registration.

SportsEngine Profile Issues:

We have noticed many of the registration conflicts may be occuring because there is missing information in the SportsEngine profile you created for your child. Please ensure in the SportsEngine profile your child's Date of Birth and Gender fields are  completed so they connect with the registration.

If you have created 2 profiles for your child by accident please merge their accounts. Follow this link: How to Merge Duplicate Profiles within MySE - SportsEngine Help Center

If you have two Sportsengine Households that need to be merged together follow this link: I Have Two SportsEngine Households That I Need Merged Together - SportsEngine Help Center    

How to change Sign in Email: How to Change My Sign In/Primary Email Address - SportsEngine Help Center 

How to update Sportsengine profile information:  How to Update Profile Information - SportsEngine Help Center